Cathy Lindsay Recognized

VAACE support staff of the year, 2017

In 2017, a staff member of ours was recognized by the Virginia Association for Adult and Continuing Education for Support Staff of the Year. The entire ACE leadership team was there to honor her as VAACE recognized her for her award in front of hundreds of adult educators and administrators at the VAACE Conference in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

​Cathy Lindsay has served as our Regional Data Specialist in the Adult and Career Education program in Region 11 for many years. Prior to assuming her current position, she worked in the K-12 educational system with Amherst County Public Schools as an Instructional Assistant for thirteen years. Additionally, Mrs. Lindsay worked in the private sector with J. Crew for seven years.

Mrs. Lindsay’s primary contributions and services include gathering and entering data, developing reports, and ensuring that the program is compliant with VOCTAE and NRS guidelines. Beyond that, she serves as a change agent as decisions are being made because of the data that she collects and the reports developed. She goes out of her way to develop additional spreadsheets so that data is available and current for decision-making. She is always there to assist anyone in any capacity to ensure that we get the job done on a daily basis.

Most importantly, Mrs. Lindsay is a champion for adult education. From answering the phones to going out to the grocery store, Mrs. Lindsay is passionate about adult education and the impact that it has on those who take advantage of the opportunities and services that we provide. Mrs. Lindsay is recognized by her peers and the students who come through the doors for all the supportive work that she does, including behind the scenes.

Her work is instrumental in shaping our program, from being the first point of contact with students to helping instructors, the Leadership Team, and Regional Program Manager in decision-making, and everything else that she does in between that holds the regional office, team, and program together. We want her to not only be recognized by her colleagues and students in our program but by the field for all her contributions, above and beyond her expected duties.