Teacher of the MOnth

#FacultyFriday Wall of Fame!

Great teachers are the backbone of all our program services. We cannot thank them enough for their hard work and commitment to each individual student. Please join me in recognizing them for the key role they play in supporting students in achieving academic and career goals, as we thank, congratulate , and highlight them in our Teacher of the Month.

Millicent Nash

Friday, July 31st

Congratulation to Millicent Nash who is July's Teacher of the Month for Faculty Friday! An Appomattox County Adult Education Teacher, Millicent was recently appointed as Appomattox's IXL Administrator. Since receiving this assignment, she has proactively contacted & motivated many students. We are so thankful to have you as a part of the ACE team, Millicent! You can view the Facebook post here. Congrats again! šŸ„³

Contessa Broadus

Friday, June 26th

Please join us in congratulating Contessa as ACE's Teacher of the Month for June's Faculty Friday! Contessa is truly an asset to our adult education programs and is an inspiration to many. We are thankful for all her hard work in getting IET programs up and going. She is a real go-getter! Contessa knows her community and has the ability to get things done in Amherst County, VA, and beyond. You can view the Facebook post here. Congratulations, Contessa!

Sue Pratt

Friday, May 22nd

Please join us in congratulating Sue Pratt for this week's Faculty Friday as ACE's Teacher of the Week! Sue has worked tirelessly to support Bedford County teachers and students. She is always available to answer questions and suggest new teaching strategies. Sue is a natural when it comes to teaching math. She will carefully break down and explain difficult math concepts to our students while making them fell capable and encouraged. Her dedication and perseverance are an asset to the Bedford County Adult Education program. You can view the Facebook post here. Congratulations, Sue!

Chelsey Mitchell

Friday, May 15th

This week, we are excited to name Chelsey Mitchell from Bedford County as Teacher of the Week! Chelsey is new to our adult education staff. She has worked very hard on getting a Google Class set up for her students. When a teacher resigned from one of Bedford's Adult Education classes, Chelsey jumped right in to keep the class active. During the recent weeks she has retained two students through distance learning. Congrats, Chelsey!