Integrated Education and Training

Integrated Education and Training (IET) is an accelerated educational strategy for career pathways developed between ACE and its workforce system partners. IET classes are contextualized classes that provide literacy and workforce preparation activities, concurrently integrated with industry-specific technical training as a means to develop essential workplace skills and obtain industry recognized credentials for entry-level jobs in targeted industries. Contextualization is focused on a specific in-demand industry or industry cluster for the purpose of educational and career advancement.

ACE has collaborated with several different partners to offer multiple IET programs this current year. These IET programs require much effort and collaboration from multiple partners. Nevertheless, the reward and success of these IET programs are so meaningful to the participants as well as to the partners, as everyone, including the participants is able to meet the common measurable outcomes.

IET programs this year have included manufacturing tech, hospitality management, ServeSafe Food Manager.

As a result of COVID-19, all IET programs have been suspended until further notice. Please contact your local adult education center for more information and to determine what IET programs will be offered in the near future.