ACE offers a variety of adult education classes. There are many benefits to attending one of the ACE programs that includes:

  • National External Diploma Program (NEDP) contact Kim Lancaster,

  • Access to adult ed resources, including Teacher with GED expertise

  • Get the help that you need when you need it

  • Choose from face-to-face, blended, or distance learning instruction

  • Develop work readiness skills and a career pathways plan

  • Learn or brush up on computer skills

  • Access and referrals to all our partners

  • Increase your chances of passing GED test and VPT

  • Receive vouchers for 100% off the $120 GED test when you have attended class for 30 hours (for ACE Students) or 40 hours (for ABE students) and passed your practice tests (and required post-tests)

Distance Education:

In order to meet the needs and to ensure that ACE provides access to AE services, distance education (DE) programs are made available in all localities. A benefit of providing a DE program is the ability to provide access to services for individuals who cannot attend classes because of transportation, work, or leading a lifestyle that requires more flexibility. Another benefit is being able to extend the learning outside of the classroom and increase the intensity of services for students so that they can complete the program faster or receive the supplemental learning that they need. Each locality has adopted its own online curriculum based on the state’s approved distance education curricula list. Please contact the local adult education center in your locality for more information.